LED light therapy

Neo Elegance LED light therapy


The illumination LED facemask is a new design of LED therapy, delivering 3 different wavelengths to activate your skin’s natural healing ability to assist in resolving skin conditions such as acne/breakouts, fine lines, redness, and pigmentation, transforming the skin from the inside out. The illumination mask can be used as a standalone treatment or can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as micro needling, radio frequency, chemical peels, micro-current, microdermabrasion and others.

LED stand-alone treatment (40 mins)
Target a localised skin concern with an intensive 20-minute LED session. This treatment includes a deep steam cleanse, followed by a lymph massage to rid the skin of any toxin build up, ensuring the skin is properly prepped to optimise the effectiveness of the LED.  Advanced cosmeceutical aftercare products finish this phototherapy treatment.

Single £35 Course (6) £175
LED luxury intensive facial (60 mins)
This advanced treatment is great for skin junkies looking to really treat their skin to something special. Enjoy the results of an advanced skin treatment, whilst still feeling ultimately relaxed. The treatment consists of a deep steam cleanse with extraction, a bamboo exfoliation, vitamin C uplifting facial massage, specialised LED treatment mask, hot stone décolleté massage, extensive aftercare. This treatment promises to leave your skin feeling totally revived, hydrated and radiant.
Single £50 Course (6) £250
LED Add On
Optimise any facial treatment by adding on an LED therapy session.